Michael Bykovski is a painter, architect and designer, and a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. He has exhibited his work in group and solo shows throughout the East Coast. Bykovski was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and is currently based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His mentors include nationally renowned artists such as Victor Skersis, Matthew Monk, Wendy Seller, Gwen Strahle, and Dan Clayman.


The primary aspiration of my work is to investigate the link between the subconscious mind and the natural world. I work in an intuitive and intentionally unconscious manner to express the sublime qualities of natural landscapes and phenomena. In keeping with this principle, I celebrate the materiality and depth of oil paint by exploring the full range of textures that the medium allows, ranging from heavy impasto layering to subtle washes of color. The imagery is deliberately ambiguous to allow each individual viewer to craft their own imaginative interpretation of the works. Ultimately, I strive to make pieces that resonate with the emotions of the viewer and provide an uplifting and healing experience.

“Michael Bykovski is a modern day explorer. Although abstract expressionists like Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, and De Kooning inspire him, Michael is driven by sensory excitement rather than emotional expression. His desire to achieve an ultimate outward beauty and inspiring aesthetics contributes to the primal and seductive quality of his work.” -Kurt Yalcin


Design Line; Rhode Island Art:
“Bykovski’s pieces lend themselves beautifully to groupings of 3 or 4, depending on the wall area to be covered.” -Kelly Taylor


NYC Art Expo, Pier 90, NY

Solo Show, ByName Gallery, Soho

HOK Corporate Lobby, 5 Bryant Park, NY


The Wurks Group Show, Providence, RI

Art by Architects at New York Genome Center, NY

LIC Arts Open  Summer Show, LIC, NY


Lore Collection Solo Show, Providence, RI


Red Dot Art Show, Miami, FL

Studio 26 Holiday Show, NYC, NY

Lore Collection Pop-Up Show, Providence, RI


Synthesis (Group Show), Anchor Gallery, Providence, RI

Group Show, Chapel View Fine Art June Show, Cranston, RI


Salon Show, OneWay Gallery, Narragansett, RI

Group Show, OneWay Gallery, Narragansett, RI

World of Art Showcase, Raleigh, NC

RISD Alumni Sale, May 4, Providence, RI



Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Bachelor of Architecture 

Bachelor of Fine Arts